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  1   Honey Sliced BBQ Pork 炭烤猪肉干 500g   $21    

  2   Honey Sliced BBQ Pork 炭烤猪肉干 1kg   $42    

  3   Golden coin BBQ Pork 金钱猪肉干 500g   $23    

  4   Golden coin BBQ Pork 金钱猪肉干 1kg   $46    

  5   Spicy BBQ Pork 辣味猪肉干 500g   $23    

  6   Spicy BBQ Pork 辣味猪肉干 1kg   $46    

  7   Sliced BBQ Chicken 鸡肉干 500g   $23    

  8   Sliced BBQ Chicken 鸡肉干 1kg   $46    

  9   Seaweed Pork Floss 紫菜肉松 200g (per bottle)   $10    

We will also be able to do physical sales at your company on a designated date. You may contact us at to arrange a date. Vacuum-sealed packages are also available.
There will be FREE DELIVERY for orders more than 10 Kg. You may also collect your orders from our shop at 275 Jalan Kayu